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All testimonials are either offered through letter, email or through the legal assistance website, Avvo. All cases and case results vary. If you would like to know more about my credentials, please visit the “Our Story” page.

Client: Anonymous
December 15, 2016

Outcome far better than imagined!

Found not guilty. What more could anyone ask for. He went above and beyond to get the best possible outcome and he achieved it. Hands down the best in Amarillo as far as I'm concerned.

Client: Chris
July 18, 2016

Life savor!

I was looking at 4 felony possession charges, I know my life would have been changed drastically if I hadn't found Adam. From the first time we spoke of my case I knew I was on the right hands. he eased all of my concerns and blew my mind with the outcome. My family and I are very grateful for his work and definately recommend him.

Client: Kurtis
June 27, 2016

Outstanding Lawyer!

Adam did a great job on our case! We got caught with marijuana and he got us off with only a fine to deal with! He was easy to talk to and took care of everything for us! Definitely would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer!

Client: Anonymous
April 12, 2016

Gets the job done!

Adam worked his magic when I was looking at a plea of 12 years for a probation violation. Once we went to court he got my probation reinstated and a sentence of only 6 months in the county jail. He is defiantly the real deal!

Client: Anonymous
April 1, 2016

Adam Tisdell is an exceptional lawyer and will get you the results you need!

A few years ago I found myself in a pretty big pickle. Facing two Class A Misdemeanors and a Second Degreee felony, I was worried that my life was over. Thankfully I found Adam. Adam was easy to relate to, forthright, and very soon assured me that I would not end up in jail. Though I was afraid, I put my trust in him and he took my cases. I received the best possible outcome I could have imagined and this matter is now behind me. Because of Adam's hard work and his thorough understanding of the law, I received the second chance that I didn't think was possible. Adam does not only achieve the best possible outcome for his clients, he also genuinely cares about them. If you need to hire a lawyer, hire Adam Tisdell.

Client: Greg

Great, Even out of state

Adam did in amazing job handling my case, even though I'm from out of state, kept me in the loop each step of the way and when it was time to go to court he picked me up from my hotel, drove over 2 hours to the court house, and then 2 hours back to the airport after I received a very favorable outcome. I fully expected to rent a car, and it was on the way to court that I really got to know Adam. This is the first time I've EVER been able to relate with my lawyer, who happened to provide exceptional and professional legal representation. Adam is way ahead of his time and I don't know where I would be without his services.

Client: Ashley

This man is an amazing lawyer!

I had a theft case which I wasn't even sure if Tisdell would take but he did. I had tried to get a hold of a different lawyer at first but that guy wouldn't answer my calls after we talked about my case and I was trying to make an appointment to pay him so I found Tisdell. Adam answers his own phone so you never have to play phone tag with a receptionist and he always got back to me really quickly on the off chance that he didn't automatically pick up the phone. I was really nervous about the case and I called him multiple times to go over small details and to have me reassure me about all the possibilities of my case. He was very caring and made me feel very at ease. He would call me whenever new information would pop up and let me know how it changed my case. He also handled everything with my bail bonds people so everything was taken care of for me. He went back and forth with the prosecution for me even though it wasn't a big case, and got my case dismissed! Thank you so much Tisdell! I would not hire any other lawyer!

Client: Noel

My Experience With a Really Great Attorney!!

I recently hired Adam Tisdell after having a legal matter that required what i felt like could only be handled by the best attorney i could find. After my wife and I consulted with Adam we believed he would meet this the requirement, although of course only time would tell. Throughout the duration of his service he exceeded all of our hopes, not only from a legal stand point but financially and personally as well. Without his fine tuned timing and knowledge, I could have been facing serious consequences for the allegations against me. In the end, he delivered a better than could be hoped for outcome and I couldn’t be happier. He truly is a "Super-Lawyer"!!! If you are in need a top of the line attorney, this is the guy to hire!

Client: Wes

Law ninja!!!!

IF YOU GET BUSTED ON I-40 WITH WEED, of any amount (in my case - a trunk load). Do NOT let ANYONE ELSE HANDLE YOUR CASE!! I used another layer prior to meeting Adam. The best the that 'WALT Disney' character could do was 15 years in prison. Adam worked his magic and got me 10 years probation with all fines payed up front. Then he got me off probation after only doing 2 years! DONT PLAY WITH YOUR FREEDOM - but if you do... hire Adam. Thanks Law ninja!

Client: Jason

This man is in my phone under BadAss.

I have used this man many many times and every time he has taken care of any and everything far beyond my expectations I've had others on my case that tried to just plea away and say this is the best you can get well that was untrue because I'm here today because of Adam I have been able to sit and talk with him on several occasions from my cases that he was on as well as custody battles for my children he not only took care of many big time offenses but also referred me to the right man to fight and gain custody of both my sons if you value your freedom or a loved ones freedom I strongly recommend Adam I think of him as a close friend wise advisor and an all around perry mason there is nothing he can't argue around and he is not scared and can't be bluffed also this man has called me on his own just to check on me and my boys and when I went to see him last waived my remaining balance he just said as a single father my boys needed it more than he did I have known this man about 3-4 years now and would never put my money or life in any other lawyers hands trust me and trust in him believe me you'll be happy and be able to sleep easy with Adam on your side.

Client: Tevon

Best lawyer award goes to...

Adam Tisdell is an amazing lawyer!!! I owe this guy a lot and I appreciate all that he has done for me and my family. Even when I was in complete doubt he kept my head high and pulled threw just as he said he would. I most definitely refer this guy to anyone. If your looking for someone who has understanding instead of a closed mind he's your guy!!!!

Client: Bobbi

Excellent Attorney! If it can be beat this man will get the job done!!!

“I had contacted a great number of attorneys with no hope! Once I contacted Adam he took care of my case beyond my expectations. He found a loophole immediately, while reading the police officer's reports! This guy knows the law. If you need to beat the case then call Adam. If it's possible, he'll find it!”

Client: Anne

Enter Texas With Out of State Tags & Anything Illegal (Allegedly) , You Will Need Adam Tisdell On Speed Dial

"The circumstances of my case weren't particularly favorable. After searching the NORML website for attorneys, I spoke to several who were well-informed, attentive and probably very good. Then I got the call back from Adam Tisdell and I knew I had found my advocate. He is charming and blunt and let me know the "rules of the road" in Texas in no uncertain terms. Having heard from other people in official capacities, the outlook for me should I lose was not good. We spoke for over an hour regarding my case and other things that let me know the depth and breadth of his client advocacy and fierceness of principle. It's more than a "case" for him, it's securing the best possible outcome given the facts and circumstances. My outcome is far better than I had hoped for. Mr. Tisdell represented me well and at a fair fee and worked with me as I couldn't come up with the total all at once. Somehow I suspect he reads people well. Be honest with him, be realistic. If you are looking for miracles in slam-dunk cases, maybe find religion, but if there is a chance to block the shot, I have seen Mr. Tisdell do it. Whatever brings you to this site, good luck & for even better luck, retain Mr. Tisdell."